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What's Kieszeń

Our little portable console

If you ever played a videogame and said, I can create a better one. Oh boy, we have the right product for you!

Kieszeń is a portable game console designed to create and publish your own videogames; and play everyone else creations.

By focusing on 2d games, you can master all the requirements quickly so you can spend your time improving the gameplay.

Kieszeń console in black color
Console mockup - Castlevania© game by Konami

How do you create games?

Just follow this 3 steps

1 View Tutorials

View our content about of how to start from scratch

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2 Read Documentation

Master the processor, video chip and the rest of elements in a single place.

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3 Start creating

Write the actions that compose your next aventure here. No sign-up required.

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Proposed licenced lineup


by Sega

Street Fighter

by Capcom

Super Star Soccer

by Konami

Puyo Puyo Tetris

by Sega

Daytona USApocket

by Sega

Dance Dance Revo

by Sega

More games coming soon!


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